DENVER (KDVR) — Wildfire season is year-round in Colorado. According to a recent study, Colorado has the second highest number of homes at risk for wildfires in the country, with the only other state being California.

New technology is being developed to minimize potential threats and allow authorities to respond quicker to wildfires across the state.

On Tuesday, Xcel Energy will announce a major expansion of its collaboration with Pano AI, the leader in early wildfire protection, to fortify its operations and advance the protection of local communities against rising wildfire threats. This will be done through the installation of 21 camera systems across the state by the end of this year.

“These strategically placed camera deployments will offer greater visibility for first responders in hard-to-monitor terrain; providing critical early and real-time situational awareness when a wildfire ignites,” said Xcel Energy.

The platform, known as Pano Rapid Detect, will use a blend of state-of-the-art cameras, satellites, 5G connectivity, and artificial intelligence to actively monitor for smoke and hot spots across Colorado.

When an incident is detected through AI, a notification is immediately sent to Xcel Energy and first responders. It then provides visual details and precise locations within dozens of feet of the fire.

These cameras will be taking 360-degree images every minute, making Pano AI one of the most responsible ways companies can mitigate wildfire risk.