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LAFAYETTE, Colo. — The city of Lafayette is being ordered to remove a number of speed radar signs hanging around the city.

Those signs display speeds as cars drive by, with a “slow down” reminder if the car is above the limit.

Xcel Energy told the city to remove the signs, which are attached to utility poles, consisting of a solar panel, electric sign and additional equipment.

“I think they are helpful,” said Kelly Morganstein. “I think they help people recognize the fact that they are speeding and they need to slow down.”

Morganstein lives on Driftwood Circle near Sandpiper Drive, home to one of five signs being removed.

“There are bus stops along this route, and children playing and biking around the neighborhood,” she said. “It’s a nice reminder for cars to slow down.”

In a post on the city website, the city says it “will begin removing these signs immediately to comply with Xcel’s request.”

Xcel Energy sent the following statement to FOX31, saying:

“In any case where equipment is attached to light or power poles, the attachments add weight to the pole which can cause it to fall over, possibly injuring people or damaging property. We typically contact any municipality and request removal if we find a pole to have unsafe attachments. We also work with our city to find alternative solutions if available.”

Lafayette Public Works Director Jeff Arthur says the city hopes to add the signs to new poles. Those locations have not been determined.”