STRASBURG, Colo. (KDVR) — When it comes to road closures, Adams County was hit hard last week.

At one point, nearly 30 roads were closed there. A few roads were still shut down outside of Strasburg Thursday afternoon with heavy rains leading to the closures.

Water is still running over Piggott Road and mounds of sand are piled up along the edges of the running water.

James Schultz said he’s seen this stretch of road flood several times, but, last week’s storms were especially bad.

“This year we had golf ball to hard ball sized hail, tennis ball. It broke the window out of my truck. Broke two windows out of my house,” Schultz said. His windshield was also damaged.

Schultz told FOX31 the storm made him feel like he was at the edge of a tornado.

About four miles away another road was shut down, even though it appears to be dried out. There are concerns it could flood again with more rain in the forecast.

“It’s the fast storms that come through and dump a lot of water. It’s fast-moving water that causes a lot of damage,” said David Tuttle with Adams County Public Works.

Adams County Public Works also said it’s too early to tell if damage was done to this road.

Schultz is hoping it’s not as bad this time.  “All we can do is batten down the hatches,” he said.

For now, all eyes are on the sky in Adams County.