LAKEWOOD, Colo. (KDVR) — An exterminator is accused of snooping through a young woman’s drawer while on the job and stealing her panties. The alleged incident is now under investigation and the woman who’s making the claim is speaking out to warn other women.

Rhiannon Lashell had her third appointment with Orkin on Wednesday, and it turned into what she calls a perverted experience.

“I let him in, we kind of had casual chit-chat, he checked the kitchen,” Lashell recalled.

The 21-year-old said the exterminator went upstairs to spray for bugs while she stayed downstairs. About five minutes later, she said he walked back downstairs.

“He had this satchel on and I saw something white fall out of the bag and I was — oh my God, that’s my underwear,” Lashell said. “I tried to rationalize, like, that’s not what’s going on, but then a second pair fell out.”

Lashell says she is 100% sure both were in a drawer connected to her bed. She believes the Orkin employee may have been scoping out her room during his second visit to her home.

“I got like a gut feeling and I should have trusted it,” Lashell said.

After police report, extermination company responds

At that moment, two pairs of her panties were on the floor. Shocked and stunned, she jumped into action.

“I kind of ran from around the coffee table and scooped them up and stuffed them in my pocket,” Lashell said.

She said that he finished the job and she walked him out and quickly locked her door. Minutes later, Lashell said he returned, and she ran upstairs.

“I saw him from my window and locked my bedroom door,” Lashell said. “I locked my bathroom door while I was on the phone with the dispatcher.”

Lakewood Police showed up and Lashell filed a report. Officers called Orkin and interviewed the exterminator over the phone. He denied all allegations. FOX31 is not naming the man because no charges have been filed.

Orkin said the exterminator was immediately pulled from his route and suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.

Their statement read in part: “The employee had no previous complaints and passed our extensive background check process. The alleged behavior is completely unacceptable.”

‘He knows where I live … he knows the layout of my house’

Meanwhile, as Lashell tries to get back to normal, she is on edge and is warning others to beware of who they let into their homes.

“He knows where I live, he knows my name, he knows all of it, he has phone numbers, he knows the layout of my house,” Lashell said.

She is still shaken up and staying with her family and is now installing security cameras and looking into a protective order.