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DENVER (KDVR) — After a suspected serial assault suspect was arrested in Denver, his neighbors are sharing what they know about the man.

Police suspect 31-year-old Abiye Adamu may be connected to several sexual assaults in Denver within the last week: three in north Capitol Hill and one in Lower Downtown.

Police arrested Adamu on Tuesday after they linked him to a sexual assault that occured over the weekend through DNA and surveillance video.

Police say one of his victims had left a bar on Broadway around 2:15 a.m. She told police she was walking home near East 16th Avenue and North Logan Street when a man got out of his car, grabbed and attacked her and sexually assaulted her.

What suspect’s neighbors have witnessed

No one answered on Thursday when FOX31 knocked on the apartment door of the last listed address for Adamu, in Aurora.

FOX31 spoke with nearby neighbors, who said he didn’t live alone. Some even had brief interactions with him.

“It’s scary,” said one resident. “I don’t know how to feel about it.”

Another neighbor says a few days ago, a woman came out of the suspect’s apartment screaming and upset. But he doesn’t know why.

“I guess he had did something that she said, ‘Look at my face, look at my face,’ you know?” Paul Arreguin said. “It was a woman that came out [of his apartment] basically saying, ‘Look what he did to me. Look what he did to me. How could you let him do this?'”

He said an older-looking woman was also standing in the doorway of his apartment as the younger woman was screaming about whatever took place inside the apartment. Arreguin is not sure who the other woman was who was standing in Adamu’s doorway.

FOX31 has obtained an arrest record from 2020 out of Aurora. The documents reveal he solicited a prostitute from his 2016 Black Honda Civic, which had a Lyft sticker on it. Neighbors say they believe he worked for one of the ride-sharing companies. When contacted after his arrest in Denver, Lyft said he has not been an employee for more than a year.

FOX31 also learned that the arrest record listed his occupation as a hygienist. Records show a dental hygienist license and an anesthesia license under the same name in Colorado.