PUEBLO, Colo. (KDVR) — Pueblo County Coroner has identified the woman killed in a boating accident on Lake Pueblo on July 9.

Arley Rodriguez-Lopez, 32, died from the injuries she sustained in the accident at Pueblo State Park. She was pronounced dead at the scene and her family has been contacted.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has responded to Lake Pueblo for multiple boating accidents and drownings during the summer. Rangers are now investigating a deadly boating accident that happened on Saturday.

According to CPW, on Saturday, a woman died despite life-saving measures made by CPW staff.

This is the sixth reported death at Lake Pueblo this summer.

Most recently on July 7, rangers at Lake Pueblo State Park recovered a body off of the North Sailboard beach area after receiving calls that a woman had gone missing from the shore.

“This is yet another heartbreaking loss of life,” said Park Manager Joe Stadterman. “It underscores the message we have been stressing to recreate responsibly and to wear life preservers when on or near the water.”

On June 6, a missing teenage swimmer was found dead. At that time, the teenager was the third death on Lake Pueblo in an eight-day time span.

Two days later, a father jumped into the water fearing his daughter was in distress and did not resurface.

A couple was recovered from the lake on May 31 after a boat with 13 people capsized. Extremely windy and dangerous weather caused the boat to capsize. Rescue crews were praised for their efforts in saving 11 of the 13 recreationists.

“I’m convinced the death toll would have been far higher without the courageous response of Rangers Portteus and Herndon,” said Stadterman.

Lake Pueblo State Park has experienced a grim summer on the water leading to rangers urging those headed out to the lake to always wear a flotation vest.

According to CPW, Colorado experienced its worst year on the water ever in 2020 when 34 people drowned. Another 22 people drowned in 2021.