DENVER (KDVR) — A woman who was injured after being shot in the leg when Denver Police officers opened fire on a LoDo crowd last year is now suing one of the officers.

According to the lawsuit, 23-year-old Parker preschool teacher Angelica Rey is suing Denver Police Officer Brandon Ramos claiming she suffered permanent nerve damage from the shooting.

3 officers shoot at suspect following fight

On July 17, 2022, at 1:30 a.m., three Denver Police Department officers fired multiple rounds into a crowded area at 20th and Larimer streets in Denver’s Lower Downtown neighborhood. According to police, the suspect, Jordan Waddy, was part of an altercation in the area, and when police approached Waddy he made a motion and police suspected he had a gun.

According to the Denver District Attorney’s Office, officers Kenneth Rowland and Meghan Lieberson were directly in front of Waddy when they discharged their firearms.

The third officer, Brandon Ramos, was standing on the sidewalk and could only see Waddy from the side when he fired two shots in Waddy’s direction.

Multiple people were injured in the shooting, including Rey. Rey recounted the terrifying night and said she and her friend were trying to move away from the fight.

The next thing Rey knew, a bullet tore through her leg. An artery was nicked and some nerves had been severed.

Rey sues indicted officer

Now, Rey is suing Ramos claiming she suffered permanent nerve damage from his actions.

According to the lawsuit, Ramos fired his gun twice in the general area where Waddy was on Larimer Street after hearing his fellow officers discharge their weapons. The lawsuit alleges that none of Ramos’ shots struck Waddy and instead hit multiple pedestrians, including Rey.

Rey alleges that she was not only wounded by the gunshot but was nearly trampled by the panicked crowd that was fleeing the scene. Rey said the doctors determined that the bullet in her leg had severed a nerve causing a permanent neurologic injury.

As a result, Rey is suing Ramos for the damages related to the shooting.

Ramos was previously indicted by a grand jury on multiple charges including assault and negligence with a deadly weapon.

The Denver District Attorney’s Office said Ramos disregarded the risk toward the crowd.