COWDREY, Colo. (KDVR) — A Colorado woman won big on a scratch-off. However, she didn’t believe her luck at first because she lives in a town that only has a population of 27 people.

According to the Colorado Lottery, Joanie L. of Cowdrey hit the jackpot on a local scratch-off and won $250,000 on the 100X The Cash Bonus Draw.

Cowdrey, Colorado is a little town in Jackson County near the Wyoming border. The town is so small, only 27 people live within its jurisdiction.

Due to the town’s size, the Colorado Lottery said Joanie was notified she was a winner in a slightly unusual way – through certified mail.

Finding out you won a quarter of a million dollars on a scratch-off would certainly cause anyone to question its authenticity, but for Joanie finding out through mail in her quaint town, she was quite suspicious that the whole thing was a scam.

However, it wasn’t a scam at all, just her lucky day. Joanie was pleasantly surprised to walk into a Fort Collins claim center and find out she really did win big.

According to the Colorado Lottery, your chances of hitting the $250,000 jackpot on the 100X The Cash scratch-off is one in 1,080,000.

While Joanie wanted to hide her face from photos, she said “everyone will know” she won big in her tiny town.

When asked what she will do with the cash, Joanie, who works for the local court system, said she plans to start a trust fund. She is also planning to buy more alpacas. That sounds like a great way to celebrate the big win.