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DENVER (KDVR) — The Pinpoint Weather Team was ahead of the storm, warning the northeastern plains of a confirmed tornado earlier this afternoon. 

All is calm now but many people were inside Denver International Airport and had to take shelter when a landspout was located not very far from the terminal.  

“It just happened very, very quickly and in the moment I was very, very scared,” Adriana McClintock said. 

As the storm rolled in, McClintock was picking her friend up from the airport. 

“I was watching that little funnel of dirt and wind swoop up into that circular motion,” McClintock said.  

She told her friend that she saw a tornado, but he was skeptical until he saw the video she captured.  

“I kept saying, I’m like, my heart is in my throat. And he kind of made fun of me. He has lived in Colorado much longer and he was like, ‘there’s no tornadoes. There’s no, you know, what are you talking about? It’s not that bad,’” McClintock said.   

However, a tornado was confirmed on the Eastern Plains north of the airport. McClintock went inside the airport to find out.   

“The alarms were going off, and everyone was huddled in the bathrooms so people were just, it was just overcrowded in the bathrooms with people just trying to get safe and the lights were flashing and the announcements are going off,” McClintock said.  

A viewer sent us another photo of people taking shelter in a staircase. DIA told us the alarms did go off but no flights were impacted.  

Photo credit: Susan Anderson 

“It was just much more intense than anything I’ve ever experienced,” McClintock said. 

McClintock made it back to Fort Collins safe and sound and said that the skies were sunny and the wind had died down once she arrived home.