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EVANS, Colo. (KDVR) — The Evans Police Department is looking for the owner of two large dogs that a local family said attacked their grandma at Freedom Dog Park on Friday evening. 

According to the family, Sandra Burgess and her granddaughter Lexxy were at the city-owned dog park. Burgess was sitting in a car in the parking lot when a large dog jumped through her driver’s side window and attacked her.

“Out of the corner of my eye I saw something coming at me. I saw teeth. I put my head on my steering wheel,” Burgess said. 

Burgess said the dog was then in the back of the car when it bit her in the back. 

“I’m on blood thinners. When his tooth went in, a piece of skin was hanging it went pretty deep,” she said. 

Burgess said her granddaughter ran over quickly to help. The dog, they described as a large black Great Dane, finally got out of the car and they said the owner took off. They were so shocked by the attack they weren’t able to get the owner’s license plate. 

“She put the dogs in her car. I asked for the rabies records, and she got into her car and left,” Burgess said. 

The dog, while jumping through the driver’s side window, also left several scratch marks on the door. 

“It’s dangerous. Why would you bring something like that to the dog park where dogs get along?” Burgess said. 

The family contacted Evans PD once they were back home from the dog park and said they believed one of the dogs who attacked her was a large black Great Dane. The owner of the dog also had a Shepard mix with her. 

According to the police report Evans PD is looking for the owner, who is described as a Hispanic woman with bright red, curly hair, who was driving a gray SUV. 

Burgess’s family claimed she has bite marks on her back. They also said since the owner of the dogs left after the attack, they don’t know if the dogs were fully vaccinated and were advised to go to a local hospital. 

According to family, Burgess has now started a series of rabies shots and antibiotics for the bite. On Saturday night after the attack, she had to have seven shots administered and still has to go back to the hospital for three additional rabies shots. 

“The bite isn’t that big but it was so deep and it burned. I feel like I got stabbed in the back,” Burgess said.  

Evans PD said they need to find the owner of the dogs so they can evaluate possible charges. Police said she could face charges if her dogs aren’t vaccinated, possible leash laws or a possible vicious animal charge but they need to find her first.

If you have any information you are asked to contact Officer Cornay with Evans PD at 970-339-2441.