AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — A door knock for donations turned into a theft situation caught on camera.

Michel Slover didn’t imagine he’d get a personal introduction from a woman who’d steal from him. The thief didn’t get away with more than a box of screwdrivers, but with the way things escalated, he wants everyone to see for themselves and be warned.

In broad daylight on Friday, Slover opened his side door to a woman asking for canned food donations.

“I was just writing curriculum and I got a knock on the door,” Slover said. “She said she and some girls were staying on the corner and do I have any food? I said I don’t have anything at the moment, I’d have to go buy it, and so she left. I thought she left.”

Moments later, Slover got a notification on his phone from his security cameras.

“She had gone through my car, and she had stolen a pair of shoes and a screwdriver set,” he said.

Video captures the woman walking with the shoes and screwdrivers toward his garage, where he had some items sitting out. You can see the woman in a black and white sweatshirt drop the shoes and screwdriver.

“She put down the screwdriver and shoes, started ruffling through the stuff, picked back up the screwdriver set, but left the shoes and then walked off,” Slover said. “I think the shoes probably didn’t interest her.”

What interests Slover: warning others about this donation ploy, hoping to stop it from escalating to something more sinister.

“I’m pretty sure that before I got to the door that she’d tried the knob,” he said. “I really think that she was going to either come into the house or was trying to case the house. Like maybe I invite her in to get canned food, then I don’t really know. I’d like not to think the worst of it, but then she steals from me.”

The FOX31 Data Desk looked at the figures for thefts from motor vehicles in Aurora from January to August of this year. Reports pass the entirety of cases in 2019.