WELD COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — FOX31 continues to follow a deadly crash that happened on Interstate 25 in Weld County over the summer. Authorities say a semi-truck failed to stop and slammed into an SUV. Inside was a family of five and all were killed.

A witness of the crash is shedding new light on the truck driver and what he experienced six months ago.

Jesus Puebla was charged and arrested last week with multiple counts of vehicular homicide and reckless driving. Jordan Ebner is coming forward and saying the person behind the wheel was reckless and aggressive.

“It’s honestly terrifying how much power we have in a vehicle and how quickly things can go from perfectly fine to life-ending,” Ebner told FOX31.

‘All of a sudden, there was this big dust cloud’

He’s speaking from his experience six months ago. On June 13, Ebner was driving traveling home on I-25 when he said his life changed.

“All of a sudden, there was this big dust cloud and I was like, holy cow, what happened?” Ebner recalled.

He had just witnessed the aftermath of a fatal crash that killed an engaged couple, their infant daughter and the driver’s parents. Investigators say the 26-year-old truck driver, Puebla, was traveling 76 mph, did not stop and plowed into the family’s SUV that was traveling below 10 mph.

“It honestly was pretty terrifying to drive by and see,” Ebner said.

His dash camera video was shared with FOX31 and police officials. It shows debris scattered on the road, the truck and mangled cars. But Ebner said he quickly realized something while viewing his video.

“I noticed the truck was following me,” Ebner said. “The same truck that got into the accident.”

Recounting that day, Ebner said the truck involved was tailgating him before the collision and driving so fast that he was uncomfortable and switched lanes.

“He was driving aggressive,” Ebner said. “I remember taking note of how quickly the truck was traveling and I thought, that’s weird, he’s going so fast in such a big vehicle, and it made me uncomfortable.”

Truck driver did not have CDL

Ebner added that it was surreal how close the truck was to his bumper and that he will forever be heartbroken by what he witnessed that day. He also shared that his heart goes out to the victims and their families.

“It makes you realize how fleeting life is,” Ebner said. “When you’re hurdling down a highway and a muti-thousand-pound vehicle that could instantly end you. Honestly, it’s terrifying.”

Investigators confirm Puebla did not have a valid commercial driver’s license, the truck had several brake violations, and there’s no evidence that Puebla tried to steer away from the crash.