CENTENNIAL, Colo. (KDVR) — The owner of a single-engine plane that crashed in August said he does not know why the pilot was flying the plane, the National Transportation Safety Board preliminary report said.

On Aug. 9, a Cessna 182Q, N727PC crashed southeast of Centennial Airport killing 57-year-old pilot James Shumway. He was the only person on the plane.

The owner told investigators the pilot had been checked out in the plane, the NTSB report said. But a flight instructor, who had previously flown with the pilot for checkout purposes, told investigators the pilot had not completed a five-hour checkout.

The report said the pilot last logged a flight on July 15 in that Cessna and the trip lasted 1.2 hours. It was the only entry in the pilot’s logbook of that plane.

A witness told investigators the plane “did not sound right” and that it was “sputtering” approximately 150-200 feet in the air before going nose down into the ground.

The investigation discovered there was no fuel in either wing tank and only half a pint of fuel in the header tank. There was also no fuel in the lines leading to the engine, the report said, and “the examination confirmed flight control continuity.”

When South Metro Fire Rescue responded to the crash, officials said there was a small fuel spill but no fire.