AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Snow and ice on Interstate 70 are causing frustration for people living in a neighborhood that is located off of the interstate.

Residents FOX31 spoke to said the Sky Ranch neighborhood has one entry and exit point that leads directly to I-70, so when there are snow and ice problems on the interstate, things get backed up and block that entry point.

Resident Paul Diaz said it has caused major issues.

“Once the weather gets really bad and CDOT closes off that exit 292 on I-70, all of the semis will back up on that road and they’ll block that exit and then the residents who live here just can’t get home,” Diaz explained.

The frigid overnight temperatures have Diaz and others in the neighborhood concerned.

“As the snow builds up, you can tell our roads don’t get plowed and I know the county has limited resources and other communities that need the help as well, but the fact that we just have that one way in and out, its really concerning. It’s concerning for a lot of folks here and as the weather gets worse those concerns grow,” Diaz explained.

Diaz said there has been a lack of response and communication from officials and is frustrated by the construction on Sixth Avenue in that area, which he feels when completed, could be a solution to the backup.

“That would be helpful. Right now, many of us are left in the dark. So just communicate with us and let us know what’s going on.” Diaz said.

We reached out to Arapahoe County about this issue and they said they’re working on a solution. Sending us the statement below:

“Arapahoe County is working with the developer of the Sky Ranch development to improve the interchange at I-70 and Airpark.  We have completed the initial study of alternatives and believe we have a solution, which involves building a new interchange on the Monahan alignment.  Our next step is to obtain the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) approval of the plan, which is through CDOT’s 1601 Interchange Approval Process.  The largest challenge is the funding of the $30M+ project, and we are looking into various options and strategies to implement the project as the capacity and operations of the existing interchange are exceeded with new growth.  With that said, the Sky Ranch development is planning on making ramp modifications at the existing interchange to improve some capacity and operations of the interchange, but that does not accommodate the full buildout of Sky Ranch. Because of that, Sky Ranch is limited in the number of homes that can be built with the existing interchange at Airpark and the new interchange at Monahan will need to be constructed before allowing full buildout of Sky Ranch.

Associated with the studies referenced above, the County had discussions related to moving the closure of I-70 further east as the character of the Airpark Interchange is changing with the Sky Ranch development and no longer facilitates the closure of I-70 and vehicle storage.  I have a call into our contacts at CDOT to get an update on that plan but have yet to hear from them.  We will continue to coordinate with CDOT on the closure location of I-70.  Until the relocation of I-70 closure is moved further east, we are also discussing how to accommodate Sky Ranch traffic with an I-70 closure at the existing location to avoid issues.”

-Arapahoe County Public Information Office