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BOULDER, Colo. — After going several weeks without any significant snowfall, the city of Boulder woke up Tuesday to more than a foot of fresh snow.

Most of the Front Range experienced a blast of wintry weather on Monday that dropped several inches of snow. On Tuesday, the snow was still piling up in Boulder; an additional 3 inches were expected.

“[It’s] a little nerve wracking,” said Justin Jones. “It’s still snowing!”

Jones drove to Boulder Tuesday morning to soak up all the new snow by cross country skiing at the Flatirons.

“Just amazing going up there,” he said of the Flatirons. “[I] only saw 4 people all day, so it was really nice!”

For out-of-town visitors, like Meagan Russell, who was visiting Boulder from Chicago, this weekend’s transitioning temperatures were quite a surprise.

“We figured being Colorado it would be snowing all the time, but we were kind of shocked that it was February and 70 and beautiful outside!” Russell said of Sunday’s temperature.

She and her friends, who were also visiting, are used to cold temperatures and plenty of snow in the Windy City. Aa for Colorado’s snowstorm this week, they referred to it as being absolutely beautiful.

“The views make it worth it!” Russell said.

Boulder could possibly experience more snow later this week as a new system moves in on Friday.