DENVER (KDVR) — Voters will soon decide if the city should be responsible for repairing Denver’s sidewalks.

Tuesday night, it was confirmed that a petition had enough signatures to put the question of who will fix the walkways around the city to voters in November. If it passes, the city will be responsible for keeping sidewalks intact — instead of the property owner.

A spokesperson for Denver Streets Partnership said that if the measure passes, homeowners would see a “modest fee” added to their taxes to cover the cost.

Many Denver residents are on board with sidewalk improvement, but not so much with the added cost.

“I think we pay enough in taxes,” north Denver resident Grant Fluga said in mid-July. “They ought to figure out how to take care of that.”

With the election just four months away, Denver voters will decide whether homeowners will either pay that fee or continue to deal with maintaining the sidewalks in their area.