BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. (KDVR) — Even strong, large animals need human help sometimes, especially when they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers rescued a young bull moose that got caught up in a volleyball net on Tuesday morning.

The officers sedated the moose while they worked to untangle the net and free him from its constriction.

“Officers stood by helping the moose stay upright to aid in breathing while the effects of the drugs used to sedate him wore off,” the CPW tweet said.

Moose on the loose in Strasburg

On Monday, a young cow moose between 2 to 4 years old wandered into a backyard in Strasburg. CPW said the animal wasn’t aggressive but too close to human population, so officers drugged the approximately 700-pound moose and moved it back into a more suitable area.

“We did not move her due to aggression,” CPW District Wildlife Manager Travis Harris said. “It was based on her location in the town of Strasburg. There is no nearby available water and this is not suitable moose habitat. Her chance of finding her way into a natural drainage was slim. When I got the call Monday morning, school was starting in 15 minutes, so for public safety we decided to relocate her.”

Harris, other wildlife officers, Colorado State Patrol, Adams County Sheriff’s Office and the Strasburg Fire Department helped with the animal’s transport. She was tranquilized, moved into a horse trailer and taken up to the mountains in a more moose-friendly environment.

Reminders about wildlife from CPW

CPW reminds those living around wildlife to be sensible about their surroundings. Some common sense tips are:

  • Never feed a bear, coyote or fox
  • Stay away from moose
  • Be aware that mountain lions are predators and stealthy

CPW says to give moose plenty of space if you encounter one while hiking or engaging in outdoor activity. Willows are the animal’s primary food source so they’re most likely around areas with a plethora of those trees and water.