DENVER (KDVR) — A week of fire and winds has put many Coloradans on evacuation alert. Now, an annual fire outlook is predicting an above-average summer fire season.

Scientists are concerned that due to the limited rain and snow this spring, Colorado could see more wildfires than usual.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Bernie Meier and the Pinpoint Weather Team both share that Colorado is on pace to have the driest April on record.

“If you go back to last year, since June, it’s the second driest period on record for that area. We’re about seven and a half inches below where we should be since last June,” said Meier.

The lack of moisture is also concerning crews and captains at South Metro Fire Rescue.

“Right now, we’re seeing fuel moistures in these trees that we wouldn’t normally see until July or August. It’s April, so it’s kind of mind-blowing in a way,” said Brian Delasantos, captain of South Metro Fire Rescue.

The continuous dry conditions are prompting fire and weather experts to stress the importance of red flag warnings and being prepared ahead of time.

Meier warns that even the smallest sparks, especially on hot and windy days can start a fire. Pay attention to those red flag warning days.