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WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. — More than 10 months have passed since the May 8 Denver-area hailstorm.

Hundreds of homes and businesses have been repaired since the storm, but one neighborhood of town homes in Wheat Ridge is still suffering from widespread damage.

Siding is riddled with holes and windows are still boarded up with wood in Garrison Village, a condominium community near West 48th Avenue and Garrison Street.

“They fixed the roof but not the siding,” homeowner Tony Fonzi said.

Fonzi and his neighbors’ homes were battered during the monster hailstorm.

“It all should be fixed,” Fonzi said. “It all should be replaced.”

Homeowners said they have already paid out $3,400 insurance deductibles.

They said their homeowners association has an insurance policy, but the insurance company and the HOA are at odds in a legal back-and-forth over what the policy covers.

Meanwhile, families living in Garrison Village are suffering an ugly reality.

“It’s frustrating for sure because anytime there’s a wind storm or rain … it’s kind of like, alright, just a reminder that this needs to be fixed because there could be some further damage that happens,” homeowner Colby Knepp said.

A homeowners association board member said he couldn’t answer basic questions because the HOA is seeking advice from a lawyer on potential legal action.

The mess has forced some people to move away from the community.

“I don’t want to move,” Fonzi said. “I would just like our property to be taken care of and to be restored at the value that it was before the storm.”

Hammersmith Management, the company that runs operations for the Garrison Village Condominium Association, said a fix might not come until late summer or fall, according to homeowners.