DENVER (KDVR) — If you don’t see a speed limit sign on a Denver street, you’ll probably need to slow down from what you’re used to: The default speed limit on Denver roads is now 20 mph, down from 25 mph.

Denver will also begin updating speed limit signs on local streets to show this change.

What streets are impacted by this change?

For the most part, the streets being impacted by this are in residential areas.

Primarily, roads with no stripes.

Nearly 2,000 signs will be replaced and installed, with a focus on streets entering local neighborhoods.

Signs will also be updated at major entry points in the city, such as highway off-ramps and arterial roads, to let people know about the change.

Why the change?

This is part of Denver’s “Vision Zero” program, designed to address street safety and reduce deaths and injuries from crashes to zero by 2030.

Specifically, the speed limit reduction is meant to “draw attention to the topic of vehicle speeds” and improve safety in neighborhoods where people are more likely to walk and bike.

City Council passed an ordinance for the speed limit reduction in December 2021, and a contract to install new speed limit signs was finalized last month.

How long will this take?

Overall, there are nearly 4,000 signs in 78 neighborhoods that need to be updated, installed or removed. This includes the 2,000 new speed limit signs, as well as the signs that let drivers know about the new default limit across the city.

The city said it anticipates this will take around three years to complete.