DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado residents saw a wide range of weather Tuesday. Areas out east had blizzard conditions, while downtown Denver got very little snow.

The difference was quite surprising to truck driver Mike Etie; “I don’t see any snow,” he said.

Pinpoint Weather Meteorologist Travis Michels explained how this happened.

“Today’s wind was more out of the northwest, which slides over the foothills and then down into the city, and that down process causes warming and also dries out the air, so we didn’t have the moisture here. Across the plains though, that northwesterly wind pushes in, provides the moisture, provides those blustery conditions, and the snow fell quite a bit out there,” Michels said.

A sharp dividing line about 25 miles east of the foothills stretched from the Wyoming border down south past Colorado Springs.

Michels says this was not a typical system.

“This is rare, and it’s really about the track of that low-pressure system, the way it passed across the state,” he said. “We normally get a northerly track and then that northeasterly wind comes in and we get some great snow here in the metro area, and then the plains miss out. Today is the reverse of that.”

While downtown Denver saw no snow accumulation on Tuesday morning, Denver International Airport recorded 0.7 of an inch as of noon, according to the National Weather Service.