DENVER (KDVR) — It’s the third straight year that more than 1,000 packages have been reported stolen from porches in Denver.

As one expert explained, the porch pirate season kicks up during the holidays for reasons you might not suspect.

The longer it stays on your porch, the higher the chance your package is going to get swiped.

“Don’t leave the package there for an extended amount of time, the longer it’s sitting there, the more opportunity it’s going to be presented,” James Allbee, with Metro Intelligence Agency, said.

That much most people already know.

Avoiding thieves, or porch pirates, can be as simple as changing where your package lands.

“Have it delivered to work, most of the time you’re going to be there during regular business hours,” Allbee said, “It’s going to be in a secure place, whether it’s reception it’s going to be in directly to you.”

If you can’t have it sent to work, send it to a loved one’s home.

“Have it delivered to a family member or friend that’s in the area to make sure that your package is going to arrive safely,” Allbee said.

There’s always the option of having a lock box.

“Throw it in the box, just make sure it’s heavy enough that they’re not going to take off with the entire box and everything else,” Allbee said.

So why do package thefts happen more often during the holidays?

Allbee said it could be because more people who wouldn’t typically commit a crime are tempted to do it because the opportunity is there, sitting on your porch.

2022 saw a reported 1,065 packages stolen in Denver so far, with 1,190 reported stolen in 2021 and 1,016 in 2020.

Another way to avoid having your packages stolen is to be home when it’s delivered.

“Require a signature, so if you’re not home then they’re not going to leave the package until you’re actually there and they’re going to be able to have it delivered,” Allbee said.

Have your items ordered a day or two before your weekend.

If you’re off Saturdays and Sundays, you might want to order on a Thursday or Friday when you know you’ll be home to receive it.