DENVER (KDVR) — Snow had barely started accumulating Tuesday night in Denver when district officials announced a snow day for Wednesday.

The decision came after reviewing a number of factors, according to a district spokesperson, including forecasted totals, travel impacts and timing.

“We know nobody wants to be looking for childcare while they’re having their morning cup of coffee,” Rachel Childress said. “So we wanted to give our families time to make those contingency plans.”

Childress said the district considered a late start but decided to cancel class altogether after learning the bulk of the snow would be falling during the morning commute. 

“We always have to consider the safety of our students getting to school,” Childress said. “Because we were expecting so much this morning, we just wanted to make sure we were being absolutely safe.”

Snow day sledding brings a ‘bit of happiness’

The decision was met with applause from some parents and frustration from others. 

Noelia Bahena works from home and said the snow day added a little bit of noise to the home office.

“When they’re both home and I’m working and it’s like, OK, you guys gotta go in the next room,” she joked. 

Bahena made the best of it, heading to Ruby Hill Park for some sledding during her lunch break. 

“I’m glad they were able to close because sometimes the weather does get pretty bad,” she said. “You get to get a little bit of happiness on the bright side of the snowy cloudy day today.”

Despite remote learning in 2020 and 2021, Childress said the district did not consider a remote day Wednesday. 

“We are trying to get our students back to in-school learning, because with remote learning through 2020 and 2021, we are still making up that gap in terms of academic excellence, so we’re pushing to get back into schools,” Childress said.