DENVER (KDVR) — Neighborhood by neighborhood, the City of Denver is conducting tests on its emergency notification and outdoor alert system starting May 9.

These tests are conducted regularly in May to make sure systems work properly in case of an emergency. The main check is to the Reverse Emergency Notification system, which Denver residents can sign up for here.

The city is testing REN Alerts in different neighborhoods in two-hour increments over the next two weeks, from May 9 to May 21. You can see when your neighborhood is scheduled here.

On May 11, Denverites may hear outdoor warning sirens blare at 11 a.m. around the city and Denver International Airport. The city expects this to last for three minutes.

Here’s a breakdown of the alerts for the next two weeks:

Courtesy: City and County of Denver
Courtesy: City and County of Denver

For more information on the new alert system, or to sign up for notifications, click here.