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DENVER (KDVR) — “Breaking Bad” costars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will be in Denver from March 9-12 to promote Dos Hombres, the brand of mezcal they started in 2019.

It is part of the Never Ending Tour, which, according to their website is part of Cranston and Paul’s “quest to bring the greatest mezcal [they] have ever tasted to as many people as possible.”

What is Dos Hombres mezcal?

Mezcal is a type of liquor that originated in Mexico. It is made using agave.

One of the most popular liquors in the world — tequila — is a type of mezcal made using blue agave.

Dos Hombres mezcal is made from Espadin agave, and the liquor’s website said it “is the product of multiple generations of proud mezcal producers” from a small village in Mexico.

Cranston and Paul teamed up with Gregorio Valasco to establish Dos Hombres after realizing they missed each other following the end of “Breaking Bad.” According to Inc. Magazine, Paul came up with the idea to start a mezcal business, and eventually, the two did.

Cranston and Paul have been traveling around in a truck that is also a fully-functioning traveling bar to promote Dos Hombres. Most recently, the pair visited San Diego and were spotted by fans at several events, according to station FOX 5.

You can buy Dos Hombres mezcal online or at select liquor stores.

The tour’s website did not say specifically where in Denver the two mezcal-promoting men will be, just that they will be in town.