DENVER (KDVR) – Wintery weather overnight across Colorado likely played a role in the early morning crash that involved over 100 vehicles, but many are asking if there could have been more done to prevent the massive pileup.

Initially, FOX31 reached out to the Colorado Department of Transportation, which responded by saying that the City of Denver is responsible for maintaining the road conditions for 6th Avenue at Kalamath Street, the area where the crash occurred.

FOX31 spoke with a representative of Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure and was told that the city’s crews “pass through major roads and bridges every two hours.” This part of 6th Avenue is one of the roads that DOTI says it was monitoring closely as conditions changed overnight.

“At 4:30 a.m. when our crews passed through the area, the road conditions did not call for deicer and would have been ineffective,” DOTI’s public information officer, Vanessa Lacayo, explained. “In Colorado, road conditions can change quickly, which is what happened along 6th Avenue, creating slick conditions before we had a chance to return to the area.”

This area is near where the responsibility for 6th Avenue transitions from the city to the state. CDOT maintains US 6 from Colorado’s western border all the way through the mountains and foothills to a point just east of the intersection with I-25.

The crash occurred on an elevated section of the road where 6th Avenue passes over several roads and train tracks between I-25 and Kalamath Street.