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DENVER (KDVR) — Frustrations are boiling over across Colorado as many people seek answers as to why their COVID-19 vaccine isn’t showing up in the Colorado immunization database even though they were vaccinated.

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What does the immunization website look like? Am I using it wrong?

Screenshot from CIIS Portal

If you received an email record from your COVID-19 vaccine or if you still have your vaccine card, make sure you’re filling out the information in the form above exactly as it shows up on those records.

Some have said they are entering their information into the immunization database exactly as it showed up on their vaccination card and their record is not being retrieved.

Others say they are waiting hours for a code to get into the immunization system and then it does not work.

What if my immunization record doesn’t show up on the website?

Many people have reached out to FOX31 and said that their issue was resolved the quickest by emailing the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment at

According to, here’s what you do:

If you have been unable to verify your immunization information through the online Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS) portal, it is most likely because the information the provider reported does not exactly match what you are entering in the portal.

When searching through the portal, the following fields must match exactly what the provider entered: first name, last name, date of birth, gender, and mobile phone number and/or email address. If you entered your information in the portal and believe you entered it exactly as the provider did, you should contact your provider to ensure your information was entered accurately and to confirm how it was reported to CIIS.

If that’s not possible, you can contact the CIIS Help Desk to verify you are in the system and/or to update your contact information on your CIIS record.

Here are the numbers for the CIIS help desk:

  • 303-692-2437, option 2
  • 1-888-611-9918, option 1

Contact the service provider where you got your vaccine:

  • Check your email and find the contact information for the pharmacy/doctor’s office/clinic or wherever you received your vaccination
  • If you received your vaccination at a big store like Safeway, Walgreens, CVS, King Soopers, etc. and you’re vaccine isn’t showing up in the Colorado immunization system, contact that pharmacy specifically.
    • For example, if you received your vaccine at CVS in Aurora, call (303) 755-6614. They should be able to verify your information with you and make sure it matches with what you have.

Problem Solvers looking into issues

The Problem Solvers are investigating multiple reported issues with Coloradans, who should be eligible, not showing up on the state’s CIIS database.

Specifically, a veteran reached out to the Problem Solvers saying the outpatient Veterans Affairs facility he received his vaccines in was in Cheyenne Wyoming. That veteran is concerned he and other veterans may not be eligible.

A spokesperson for CDPHE says, “We are pleased to announce that individuals vaccinated through the VA will be eligible. Discussions with the Department of Defense are ongoing, and we are confident we will have more positive news to report soon.”

The spokesperson said, “There are more than 5.6 million COVID-19 vaccine entries in CIIS, and we are confident the database is working as it should. We have 10 staff members dedicated to ensuring the data is accurate.”

CDPHE also said Coloradans who were vaccinated out of state may not be on file:

“Coloradans who were vaccinated out-of-state likely do not have their COVID-19 vaccine(s) on their record in CIIS. CIIS does not automatically receive vaccination data for Colorado residents from non-Colorado providers. They can contact the CIIS Help Desk, and if they provide proof of vaccination, CIIS staff can add them.”

The Problem Solvers are reaching out to Governor Jared Polis’ office to address concerns with the missing immunization records and the eligibility for the vaccine lottery. We