DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado summers offer an array of outdoor activities from hiking, boating, and camping, to rafting and kayaking. With a monsoon surge on the way, the Colorado River Outfitters Association is providing an update on river water levels for the remainder of the rafting season.

According to the Colorado River Outfitters Association, the state has had steady summer moisture that has helped keep Colorado’s rivers open to commercial rafting.

If you are looking for a thrilling adventure through the rapids, be sure to grab your helmet and life vest and check out the river outlook for the rest of the 2022 rafting season.

Animas River

In the southwestern part of the state, recreationists can raft down the Animas River in Durango. Rafting outfitters in the area are forecasting that family runs will continue on the river through August.

Depending on rainfall, runs could continue into September. With a heavy monsoon surge headed to the state, the extra moisture could keep the rafting season open for longer.

Colorado River

According to the Colorado River Outfitters Association, the upper part of the Colorado River near Kremmling will have its rafting season run through September. The upper part of the river has seen increased water flow due to water being released from the reservoirs.

If you are looking for an exciting ride through some of Colorado’s most scenic canyons, the part of the river that runs through Glenwood Canyon will offer rafting through September and into October.

Travelers entering Colorado from the west can enjoy rafting along the Westwater section of the Colorado River near Grand Junction all the way through October.

Clear Creek

For those looking to take a run a little closer to the metro, plan on booking a rafting trip soon. Outfitters on Clear Creek are planning to raft through the end of July and are hopeful they can continue to run into early August.

Rafting in Clear Creek starts in Idaho Springs which is around a 40-minute drive from Denver.

Poudre River

Rafting on the Poudre River near Fort Collins will provide fun and scenic runs through Labor Day on Sept. 5. The Colorado River Outfitters Association said that reservoir releases into the Poudre River will help maintain flows for more rafting runs.

Taylor River

Anyone who wants to take the whole family on a rafting trip with smaller rapids can journey near Crested Butte and enjoy family-friendly flows on the Taylor River. According to the association, family-friendly flows should be maintained on the river through the middle of August.

Arkansas River

Head south of Leadville and enjoy rafting on the Arkansas River well into August. The river is maintained through the Arkansas’ Controlled Flow program and should have steady runs for the coming weeks. While you are over there, enjoy a hike up the many 14ers in the area.

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