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DENVER (KDVR) — According to Gallup, national polls show voters are most concerned about the following issues: health care, national security and gun policy.

In Colorado, voters’ concerns are all over the map.

“I’m looking for a candidate who’s going to uphold the [Affordable Care Act] and strengthen it and try not to get rid of it,” said Ken, a voter from Denver who is concerned about health care.

“I think it’s [health care] broken and I’ve personally had some difficult experiences with it in the last few years, so I’d really like to see a greater focus on figuring our system out and making it more accessible to everybody,” said Erin, another Denver voter.

Environmental issues are a major concern this year too.

“I think it’s something we’re not really focusing on. I haven’t heard anyone talking about it. And I’m pretty worried about the future!” said Jessie, a voter.

“It affects everyone and it affects our future,” said Michelle, in regards to the environment.

Another hot topic: criminal justice reform.

“[I would like] just a more just and fair criminal justice system. One that’s not governed by such lengthy sentences,” said Kathleen, another voter who is also concerned about the environment. 

Equality is a big issue too.

“When it seems in a time right now that everyone seems separated, if Colorado can take a first step in bringing unity back to America, then that’s pretty important to me,” said Caesar, a Denver voter.

Economic issues were tossed around by voters also.

“Wealth represents all of the resources in this world, as much as I hate to admit it. All of that wealth is tied up right now in billionaire assets,” said Julian, another Denver voter.