DENVER (KDVR) – A recently published study from LawnStarter tried to determine which city in the United States is the best for residents who live without a car.

Factors that were considered include a city’s general pedestrian safety, bike and walking scores, ride-hailing services, public transit use, commute times and the climate.

Once the scores were all tabulated, several Colorado cities made the grade, two of which broached the top 20.

Best cities to live without a car in Colorado for 2023

Here are the cities in Colorado the study shows serve carless commuters best:

  • No. 7 – Fort Collins
  • No. 17 – Denver
  • No. 71 – Colorado Springs
  • No. 107 – Aurora

Maybe it’s something in the state’s water, but it would appear that the number ‘7’ seems to be a reoccurring presence in these rankings. Something that appears to not be a coincidence is that Denver and Fort Collins have both been ranked high in similar studies released earlier this year.

With car prices still elevated and the push for reusable energy continuing to gain traction, taking into account which cities support residents without vehicles ahead of relocating is solid forethought.

In the meantime, if you’re already in one of the ranked Colorado towns on this list, perhaps you can now find a bit more comfort when pondering over a switch to a carless lifestyle.