DENVER (KDVR) — Barely three months after hoisting the Stanley Cup, the Colorado Avalanche will begin the quest to defend their title Wednesday night.

The game is a big one for fans, with the Stanley Cup championship banner set to be unveiled inside the arena. And Comcast customers will get to see it, with the game set for a national audience on TNT.

The rest of the games? Those remain up in the air, with local games on Altitude TV once again set to be blacked out for Comcast customers.

“It’s very annoying,” Matt Hurst said. “I wish they could work something out.”

How to stream Avalanche, Nuggets games

Hurst and other fans do have some additional options this year, but they won’t be cheap. 

Altitude recently reached a deal to stream Avalanche and Nuggets games on FuboTV, which costs about $70 a month. DirecTV will also carry games this year, with a similar price tag. EvocaTV will also stream games this year, starting at $25 a month.

Hurst said he’s hesitant to pay for another subscription.

“I probably wouldn’t do that,” he said. “I’d probably find another venture to do it. Whoever has the game going, that’s where I’ll be.”