DENVER (KDVR) — After an arctic blast swept across the area Wednesday night, temperatures in Denver were expected to stay around zero all Thursday. But where is it warmer?

The high for Thursday was forecasted to be zero degrees in Denver, with a low of 12 below zero.

(Note: All temperatures are in Fahrenheit)

Where is it warmer?

There are some more obvious places you can find warmer temperatures. For example, Miami, Florida, had a forecasted high of 82 degrees for Thursday and Honolulu, Hawaii, also had a high of 82, according to the National Weather Service.

However, there are some unexpected places that are warmer than Denver.

The high for Anchorage, Alaska, was 16 degrees, and the high in Milwaukee was 32 degrees according to NWS.

Internationally, there were many places warmer than Denver, according to the World Meteorological Organization:

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina – high of 89
  • Sydney, Australia – high of 80
  • Paris, France – high of 57
  • Tokyo, Japan – high of 46
  • Oslo, Norway – high of 37
  • Ottawa, Canada – high of 26
  • Stockholm, Sweden – high of 24
  • Nuuk, Greenland – high of 12

Where is it colder?

There were several cities in Colorado that had forecasted high lower than in Denver, such as Colorado Springs, where the forecasted high was 4 below zero, according to the NWS.

Minneapolis, Minnesota had a high of 3 below zero, and Fairbanks, Alaska, had a high of 19 below zero.