DENVER (KDVR) — You would be hard-pressed to find a person who enjoys waiting in traffic. Thankfully, Denver appears to have only made it into the top 20 worst cities for traffic.

By looking at traffic data from analytics company INRIX, financial news outlet 24/Wall St. revealed which metro areas had the worst traffic nationwide.

Of the 32 cities on the list, Denver came in at No. 17.

According to the data, the typical commuter in Denver lost an average of 54 hours to traffic delays last year, with the average commute time in the city being 25.5 minutes.

The report also stated around 280,340 commuters drive or carpool to work in Denver, which is 84% of all commuters in the city.

Traffic delays also went up 35% from what they were in 2021.

Perhaps fortunately, Denver did not make it into the top 10. However, here are the top 10 cities with the worst traffic, as well as the average number of hours each driver lost to traffic in 2022:

  1. Chicago, Illinois — Average of 155 hours lost
  2. Boston, Massachusetts — Average of 134 hours lost
  3. New York, New York — Average of 117 hours lost
  4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — Average of 114 hours lost
  5. Miami, Florida — Average of 105 hours lost
  6. San Francisco, California — Average of 97 hours lost
  7. Los Angeles, California — Average of 95 hours lost
  8. Washington, D.C. — Average of 83 hours lost
  9. New Orleans, Louisiana — Average of 77 hours lost
  10. Atlanta, Georgia — Average of 74 hours lost

Internationally, Denver ranks as the 69th worst city for traffic, and, according to INRIX, the traffic issues cost the average driver $912 in 2022.