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DENVER (KDVR) — It is considered one of the most elusive creatures, and whether you call it bigfoot, sasquatch or yeti, there have been several sightings in Colorado.

According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, the top state for sasquatch sightings is Washington, where there have been 708 sightings.

“This comprehensive database of credible sightings and related reports is maintained by an all-volunteer network of bigfoot/sasquatch researchers, archivists, and investigators in the United States and Canada–the BFRO,” the organization shared.

In Colorado, there have been 130 sightings. The most recent report was in June of 2021 when a family heard loud wood knocks near the Deer Lakes campground near Lake City.

Which counties have the most sightings?

The most bigfoot sightings in our state have been reported in the following counties:

  1. Park County: 13 sightings
  2. Teller County: 9 sightings
  3. Conejos County: 7 sightings
  4. Lake County: 8 sightings
  5. Larimer County: 8 sightings
  6. El Paso County: 7 sightings
  7. Eagle County: 6 sightings
  8. Pitkin County: 5 sightings
  9. Routt County: 5 sightings
  10. Summit County: 5 sightings

Top states for bigfoot sightings

Here is a look at the states with the most bigfoot sightings, according to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization:

  1. Washington: 708
  2. California: 461
  3. Florida: 338
  4. Ohio: 318
  5. Illinois 302
  6. Oregon: 257
  7. Texas: 253
  8. Michigan: 225
  9. Missouri: 166
  10. Georgia 140
  11. Colorado: 130
  12. Pennsylvania: 126
  13. New York: 120
  14. Kentucky 115
  15. Oklahoma: 111

If you didn’t know, there’s actually a Sasquatch Outpost in Bailey where you can learn more about bigfoot and check out the sasquatch encounter discovery museum.

“At The Sasquatch Outpost, we’re dedicated to solving the mystery for ourselves, and we welcome anyone and everyone who’s ever been interested in Sasquatch to visit us here in Bailey — just a short drive from Downtown Denver. We have a museum and retail shop dedicated to the creature, and we also host regular meetings to share sightings and stories with other enthusiasts!” the Sasquatch Outpost shared.

The Sasquatch Outpost is open daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is located at 149 Main St.