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DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado Cash Back checks are starting to arrive in mailboxes across the state. As of Aug. 15, the state said 500,000 checks have been cashed.

These checks are mainly thanks to the Colorado Taxpayer Bill of Rights, which basically means the state can’t spend more taxpayer money than it generates. Every time the state has a tax surplus and brings in more taxes than it plans to spend, that money is refunded.

If you are starting to worry that your check has not arrived yet, there could be a few reasons.

The governor’s office said you should receive your check by Sept. 30.

If you filed for an extension on your taxes with a deadline of Oct. 17, you will receive your TABOR check by Jan. 31, 2023, the governor’s office said.

Here are reasons you might not get a check:

  • You are under 18 years old
  • You were not a Colorado resident for the entire 2021 income tax year
  • You did not file your Colorado state income tax return or apply for a property tax, rent, or heat credit rebate by June 30

The governor’s office also said that if you owe back taxes or other state or federal debts, the Department of Revenue will deduct the money from your refund. Once the deduction happens, a balance will be paid to you if there is a balance left.

If you do not receive your check by Sept. 30, contact the Colorado Cash Back call center at 303-951-4996.