WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. (KDVR) — A Wheat Ridge officer spoke out about being stabbed 12 times while on the job. Officer Allan Fischer is on the road to recovery with a goal set out to return to doing the job he loves.

On April 13, Fischer and his partner responded to reports of an aggressive driver in a U-Haul who crashed into a fence at the Prospect RV Park located at 11600 W. 44th Ave.

The U-Haul was stolen, and the driver was still inside when Fischer arrived on the scene. Fischer tried to remove the suspect from the truck, and that is when police say the suspect pulled out a knife and stabbed Fischer 12 times.

“Once in the chest. Once in the back. The others were all in my neck and the side of my face,” Fischer said.

Driving isn’t an option for now and he has limited movement in his neck. Many of the nerves on his neck were damaged, as well as his left eye. He cannot shut it completely and said he deals with pain daily. Doctors tell him it could be months before they know the full extent of permanent damage.

Call to protect and serve runs in the family

But all the is trauma not enough to deter at least one fellow officer’s passion for the job. His daughter Kylee is also a Wheat Ridge Police officer and was in field training when she responded to the call that night.

“If anything, it’s made me want to do it more,” Fischer said. She said she wants to continue her father’s legacy at the department.

The commitment to serve and protect runs deep for the Fischer family. Allan’s youngest daughter just graduated from the police academy in another state. It would mean the world to him to visit her. The Colorado State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police is collecting donations to help cover the cost of that trip. Visit the PayPal website to learn more and donate.

The suspect in the case, Andre Jones, is facing 10 charges including attempted first-degree murder. Jones will be undergoing a mental health competency evaluation.