BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — Are you itching to get outside and enjoy this weekend’s warm temperatures? Before you hit some hiking trails, be prepared for muddy conditions.

The Pinpoint Weather team is forecasting beautiful conditions this weekend which is welcome news after spending 17 days with frigid temperatures.

Many hiking trails in the state are still covered in the snow and ice from the past storms, and with the temperatures warming into the upper 40s, most of that accumulation will start to melt leaving behind lots of mud.

According to Boulder County Open Space, hikers who sidestep around muddy trails increase the chances of erosion and destroy vegetation.

So, if you still want to get outside before the snow returns, make sure to do your part and protect the trails.

Tips on hiking in the mud

Boulder County Open Space is reminding hikers to use trails early in the morning before it gets too muddy.

A big tip is to wear shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty because rangers ask that you go through the mud and not around it. It can take years for a trail to heal if multiple hikers shortcut around the dirt.

So, embrace the mud, and don’t be afraid to get a little dirty.

And the ranger’s biggest tip: turn around. If you notice a trail is too muddy, just use a different one.

Boulder trail closures

Sometimes the muddy conditions are just too much and warrant a trail closure. Make sure to double-check trail conditions before heading out on your adventure.

Here are some trails that are currently closed in Boulder County:

  • Overland Loop at Heil Valley Ranch
  • Picture Rock Trail at Heil Valley Ranch
  • Picture Rock Trail at Heil Valley Ranch
  • Schoolhouse Loop at Heil Valley Ranch
  • Grindstone Quarry Trail at Heil Valley Ranch
  • Marshall Mesa/Greenbelt Plateau trailhead
  • Flatiron Vista trailhead
  • Doudy Draw trail
  • Left Hand trail

For more information on closures due to muddy conditions, you can text “OSMP” to 888-777 and sign up for text updates.

While you enjoy your time in Colorado’s beautiful backyard, remember to respect the trails and limit your damage. Happy hiking!