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DENVER (KDVR) — The warm and dry weather this week won’t last long. Snow showers move in this weekend with a big cool down and a Pinpoint Weather Alert Day.

Since the storm is still several days away, let’s look at what we do and don’t know about the storm as of Tuesday afternoon. Keep in mind, a lot can still change with a snowstorm forecast when it is still a few days away.

Snowfall totals are at about a medium confidence level in the forecast right now. Computer models have been trending higher the last few days on snowfall totals and are still not in total agreement. As of right now, we know it’s likely that a few inches of snow will fall over the two-day weekend.

It looks like a range of 2 to 6 inches is possible by Sunday night with higher amounts west into the foothills. This is still subject to change as the storm gets closer.

The storm timing is also at a medium confidence level this far out. We know precipitation will start sometime Friday afternoon or evening as rain but it’s still in question about when that will change over to snow.

It will all depend on when temperatures get cold enough to see the changeover. The forecast low for Saturday morning is around the freezing mark.

If temperatures take a little longer to cool down from the highs in the 60s Friday, then precipitation could stay as a rain-snow mix Saturday morning instead of changing over to snow in the overnight hours.

It also is possible that some snow showers linger into Monday but it is still too soon to know exactly when the snowfall will come to an end.

We have high confidence that this storm will bring road impacts to the Front Range. With a few inches of accumulation, there will be slush and ice on the roads both Saturday and Sunday.

The Pinpoint Weather Team will keep you updated on the details of the storm as it gets closer.