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DENVER (KDVR) — As the excitement around Casa Bonita‘s opening grows, we still don’t have an official date yet. However, a few lucky fans will have a chance to be selected for the restaurant’s “soft opening.”

On May 26, FOX31 got a first look inside the renovated restaurant. The highly anticipated menu was also rolled out with Mexican staples and, of course, the iconic sopaipillas.

But the one thing missing from the new look inside Casa Bonita was an opening date. While we still don’t know when the general public will be allowed inside, we do know the restaurant will open in phases.

Soft opening phase

In public records obtained by FOX31, the Lakewood Police Department outlined the first phases of Casa Bonita’s opening.

According to LPD, the first step will be multiple soft openings.

Those openings will happen at specific times and days of the week and will be open to those who were selected in the lottery. The lucky few will have a chance to attend dinner at Casa Bonita with five family members.

You can sign up for the lottery through Casa Bonita’s website.

Limited capacity ticket phase

Once the soft openings are done, the restaurant will open to the public in a limited capacity.

LPD said around 500 guests will be allowed in through a ticketing system. This limited opening will happen for three days. LPD said this limited occupancy should help avoid the “wait in line” Facebook group that gained momentum by pitching the idea of claiming a spot by waiting outside the restaurant.

Transition into full opening

Eventually, Casa Bonita will open for dinner from Monday through Saturday, and later transition to seven days a week for nighttime only.

From there, the restaurant will transition to being open all day on weekends.

After running six to eight weeks on this trial schedule, Casa Bonita will finally be open seven days a week all day.

The restaurant is also taking “booking requests” for large groups planning to visit the restaurant between August and October. The restaurant notably avoids calling them reservations. Requests must be made 14 days in advance and a signed agreement with a deposit must be completed in advance.