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GENESEE, Colo. (KDVR) — An approaching storm is expected to leave more than 6 inches of snow in some areas along the Front Range, including Idaho Springs, from late Monday night into Tuesday morning.

The shift in weather comes after a sunny and warm Thanksgiving weekend.

FOX31 spoke to Colorado filmmaker Ty Miller as he worked in Genesee on Sunday.

“Just back and forth all the time like it’ll be really nice, sunny and the next day it’s freezing cold,” he said.

Like many preparing for an early workweek commute, Miller is preparing for changing road conditions.

“If you’re doing any type of off-road driving always have chains, things like that,” he said.

How to prepare your vehicle ahead of a snowstorm

Safety experts advise drivers to make sure their car is tuned up, has a good battery and has safe, healthy tire tread. An emergency roadside kit, extra blankets, water, food and a cell phone charger should be stored inside the car.

Prepare your home by sealing doors and windows and protecting your pipes. When water freezes it expands and can cause pipes to burst. Opening cabinets to allow more heat inside the walls can help.

How to protect your plants

Meg Moody of the Plant Garage told the Problem Solvers that potted plants should be brought inside if possible.

“If you can’t bring them in, you can cover them with frost cloth or blankets, wrap the base of the pot with a thick blanket, to prevent the root ball from freezing,” she said.

Moody adds that plants should be watered before freezing weather rolls in because “drought-ridden plants are more susceptible to frost damage.”

Delicate plants should be kept away from vents and windows.

For more information about weather changes download the Pinpoint Weather App and check CDOT’s travel alerts.

Snow is expected to move into the Colorado mountains late Monday then down to the Denver metro overnight and into Tuesday.