DENVER (KDVR) – The impending Kroger and Albertson’s merger will in fact affect people who shop at King Soopers and Safeway. To what extent, however, is still unknown.

It’s safe to say that humans are creatures of habit.

Typically, they park at the same spot at work, eat at the same restaurant, and shop at the same grocery store. Having said that, a King Soopers and Safeway merger could change this.

“In this area, it is all about convenience and location for me, so this is right around the corner,” Taylor Davis, a Safeway shopper told FOX31.

King Soopers and Safeway are like Ford and Chevrolet, it is really a personal preference. But unlike Ford and Chevy, Safeway and King Soopers may become one.

So, is this a good or bad situation? 

“Hmmm, I actually don’t really know. I come here for convenience but there definitely is a difference in pricing,” Davis said.

What will happen if some Safeways close for business? 

“Well that would not be good for this community I mean there are so many people in this community who are a little bit older,” Davis said.

What about the King Soopers just three blocks north of Safeway? Humans find comfort in the familiar and some people are saying if their local grocery store closes they are going to be the opposite of that.