What major bills passed and failed during 2019 session at Colorado Capitol

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DENVER – Hundreds upon hundreds of bills will soon become law in Colorado that weren’t at the beginning of the year. These are the major bills that passed at failed at the General Assembly:


Funding for full-day kindergarten (takes effect in fall)

Extreme risk protection orders (takes effect in January 2020)

Oil and gas reform allowing state and local government to set more regulations

“Ban the box” prohibiting asking criminal history on job applications

Legalized sports betting (voters must approve in November)

Sex education reform

De-felonizing small possessions of illegal drugs

Allowing local governments to set higher minimum wage than the state

Climate change carbon reduction plan

Allowing prescription drugs to be imported from Canada (if President Donald Trump approves)

Reinsurance program (if Trump approves)

Eliminate surprise billing

Limit insulin prices to $100 a month

Allowing Colorado to vote for president by popular vote (as soon as enough states join)

Allowing newborns to have $100 for college savings beginning in 2020

Allowing 12-years-olds to seek mental health without parental support

Restriction on firefighter foam

New minimum age of marriage (15 years old)

Marijuana delivery

Autism qualifies for medical marijuana

Marijuana tasting rooms for dispensaries

New tire and chain rules for driving on Interstate 70

Equal pay for equal work

Renters can withhold rent if mold and broken appliances exist


Paid family leave (will be studied instead)

New vaccine and immunization requirements

Rent control

Nicotine and vaping tax

Ban on holding a cellphone while driving

Death penalty repeal

Supervised injection sites

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