DENVER (KDVR) — The Mile High City has many things to offer for new and longtime residents alike. From the mountain views to the music scene, there seems to be something for just about everyone.

We asked FOX31 viewers what their favorite thing about Denver was, and they did not disappoint, coming up with many things they love — and, in the case of some viewers, not so much love — about their city.

Here are just a few of them:

Denver’s location

The Denver metro is located very close to the Rocky Mountains. This not only means easier access to everything that the mountains have to offer, but it also offers some amazing scenes, viewers noted.

“The beauty of mountains and nature,” one viewer said.

“Location by, but not in, the mountains,” another viewer said.

Another viewer said that they love how big Colorado is in general.

“You can go on a weekend getaway anywhere and feel as if you left the state,” they said.

Sports teams

Denver has four pro sports teams: one for football, one for hockey, one for basketball and one for baseball. It is actually one of only 13 cities with all four of the country’s four most popular major sports leagues.

Many people commented specifically about how much they love the Denver Broncos, but there was no shortage of love from viewers for the Colorado Avalanche, the Denver Nuggets or the Colorado Rockies.

The weather

Some said Denver’s weather was one of the things that they love the most about the city.

However, there were others that disagreed and said the weather was not one of their favorite things.

“Not the weather that’s for sure,” a viewer said.

Given its proximity to the mountains, Denver does see a fair amount of snow and cold temperatures in winter. However, Denver does see its fair share of sunshine and warmer weather.


The Mile High City is not short of attractions that people can enjoy.

There is the Denver Zoo, Denver Botanical Gardens, Downtown Aquarium, Meow Wolf and Elitch Gardens, just to name a few.

“Denver Zoo,” one viewer said, “we go every summer.”

One viewer also mentioned the city’s museums, which include the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Denver Art Museum and History Colorado Center.

The music scene

Denver has a rich music scene, and a few viewers pointed that out as their favorite thing about the city.

This included local artists and the venues they — and artists from outside the area — play at.

Denver has many venues that host artists from both the area and around the world. From the large concerts at Empower Field at Mile High or Ball Arena to those at Fillmore Auditorium and Mission Ballroom, there’s no shortage of shows to attend in Denver.

One of the metro’s most iconic places to hear live music, according to viewers, is Red Rocks.

Red Rocks

Red Rocks Amphitheatre, located west of the city, is, as its name suggests, an outdoor amphitheater built into rocks.

Even though it is far away from downtown, it is owned by the City and County of Denver, so it is squarely part of Denver and its culture.

Many iconic artists have played there in the past including Johnny Cash, The Beatles, U2, and John Denver.

Concerts and live events aren’t all that Red Rocks has to offer. While the amphitheater is the most known part of it, Red Rocks also includes a park with biking and hiking trails.

Parks and the outdoors

Finally, many viewers mentioned Denver’s many parks and the countless outdoor activities available in and around the city as their favorite thing about it.

“[The] scenery and walking paths,” one viewer said.

Without even taking into account the larger metro area and the mountains, Denver itself has over 250 urban parks. Those include City Park, where the Denver Zoo is located, and Cheesman Park, which is located right next to the Denver Botanic Gardens.