DENVER (KDVR) — You may have noticed recently how many drivers have chosen to forgo the classic white Colorado license plate with the green mountains for a trendy all-black plate. But how much do these dark specialty plates cost?

It’s hard to drive around Colorado without noticing the seemingly new blackout license plates, which resemble the black California plates but with white instead of yellow lettering.

While the black plates seem like they came out of nowhere and grew in popularity, the plates are actually historical. According to the Colorado Disability Funding Committee, the blackout background plate replicates the 1945 Colorado license plate.

The release of the plate was made available in conjunction with Senate Bill 22-217, which raises money for grants to assist persons with disabilities.

The blackout plate isn’t the only historical plate being offered. The Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles sells a blue plate based on the 1914 license plate, a red plate that’s a replica of the 1915 one, and the “Greenie” plate that was used from 1962-1999.

Blackout license plate
Drivers can purchase a blackout Colorado license plate as part of the historical plates offered at the DMV. (Colorado Department of Revenue)

How much do the black plates cost?

Most specialty license plates come with an additional fee.

If you want to buy any of the historical plates, including the blackout version, you may pay three separate fees.

Drivers are required to pay an annual $25 fee, which will go toward the Colorado Disability Funding Committee.

If you are looking to personalize your plates, there will be a $60 one-time issuance fee and a $50 annual fee, along with the $25 Colorado Disability Funding fee.