DENVER (KDVR) — Denver has 78 official neighborhoods, but not all of them are the same. In fact, one big way that Denver neighborhoods differ from one another is housing prices.

FOX31 looked at data from the Zillow Home Value Index, which measures the typical home value in a given region to find which neighborhoods in Denver are the most and least expensive.

The value includes single-family homes, as well as condos and co-ops.

The most expensive neighborhoods in Denver

It may not surprise you that Denver’s most expensive neighborhoods are, for the most part, very close to each other, with nine of the top 10 bordering another neighborhood on the list.

  1. Country Club – $1.6 million
  2. Hilltop – $1.48 million
  3. Belcaro – $1.37 million
  4. Washington Park – $1.16 million
  5. Cherry Creek – $1.11 million
  6. Wellshire – $1.06 million
  7. University Park – $970,000
  8. South Park Hill – $911,000
  9. Cory – Merrill – $859,129
  10. Washington Park West – $855,023

If you only include single-family homes and no condos or co-ops, the order of the top 5 changes slightly, with Belcaro coming in at No. 2 and Hilltop at No. 3, but the same neighborhoods still come out on top.

The least expensive neighborhoods in Denver

The least expensive neighborhoods in the city are not as closely concentrated as the most expensive neighborhoods are.

Only a few of the neighborhoods border each other, and for the most part, the neighborhoods are evenly distributed across the city.

Notably, the No. 2 cheapest neighborhood, Capitol Hill, shares a small border with Country Club, the No. 1 most expensive neighborhood.

  1. Windsor – $264,718
  2. Capitol Hill – $351,843
  3. Elyria Swansea – $367,948
  4. Denver International Airport – $382,417
  5. Westwood – $385,348
  6. Globeville – $390,649
  7. Indian Creek – $397,062
  8. Valverde – $401,377
  9. Barnum – $412,482
  10. College View – South Platte – $416,461

Because the value includes condos and co-ops in addition to single-family homes, some prices are lower.

For example, when condos and co-ops are included, the typical home value in Capitol Hill is ranked the No. 2 cheapest at $351,843. However, if you just include single-family homes, that value jumps to $647,603.