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WELD COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Witnesses who watched the twister for miles said it quickly grew wider and wider as it tore across farms and pastures in Weld County on Monday.

“It got real big,” a witness named Jimmy said.

At County Roads 19 and 26, Carol Holder and her family were not sure they were going to make it.

“My husband came running in the house saying, ‘get down there’s a tornado over Tom and Connie’s house,’” Carol said.

The family hid in bathtubs. Carol has property damage. Six of her young chickens were killed, she said. Her horse, named Leah, was injured.

“She’s got cuts on all of her legs,” Carol explained.

Jimmy saw the twister from two miles away zeroing in on his daughter’s home.

“Oh we panicked,” he said. “I don’t normally panic, but I was on the phone, and she’s like— you’re kidding. I said I would never kid about that— it’s hitting your house.”

The tornado— that appeared to hit Jimmy’s daughter’s home— was just far enough away to not cause damage for that family near County Roads 19 and 26. No injuries were reported.

The tornado killed a couple of cows, neighbors said. Throughout the path, damage could be seen on roofs, fences, vehicles and trees.