DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser is discussing a case that will be taken up by the Supreme Court next term, again surrounding a business owner’s ability to deny services to people based on things like race, religion or sexual orientation.

Weiser is expected to discuss a brief the state is filing to ask the Court to uphold Colorado’s civil rights law that requires public businesses to serve all customers and prohibits denied services on the basis of a customer’s religion, sexual orientation, race, sex, gender, disability and more.

The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on 303 Creative v. Elenis during its next term, which begins in October.

The case is not too dissimilar to Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, in which the Supreme Court narrowly ruled in favor of business owner Jack Phillips, a baker who refused to make a custom cake for a same-sex couple because he argued it violated his religious belief.

The 303 Creative v. Elenis case focuses on a graphic design firm that wants to expand its business to include wedding websites but does not want to design websites for same-sex couples based on grounds of the owner’s religious beliefs, according to SCOTUS Blog.

Weiser will discuss the state’s brief Friday. You can watch his news conference on FOX31 NOW in the player above.