DENVER (KDVR) — Many world records have been broken in Colorado, like the largest Venus flytrap or the fastest downhill skateboarder hitting over 80 mph.

FOX31 looked through the World Record Academy’s Colorado-based records, and there’s more than you’d think. Here are five of the weirdest world records that were all achieved within a few hours of Denver:

World’s largest ice cream cone

In Englewood, Muddy Bites broke the world record for the largest ice cream cone in May. The ice cream was 11 feet tall, which beat the previous world record by almost 11 inches.

It amounted to 100 pounds of waffle to make up the cone, 300 pounds of chocolate and over 1,000 pounds of vanilla ice cream. 

World’s largest public key collection

The Seven Keys Lodge in Estes Park is a historic hotel that holds 30,000 keys. The keys come from Westminster Abbey, Mozart’s wine cellar, the Pentagon and Frankenstein’s castle. There’s at least one key from every state, each with its own significance.

Visitors can also donate a key to the collection.

World’s largest Venus flytrap

Jeremiah Harris has one of the most extensive collections of carnivorous plants in the U.S.

Based out of Colorado Springs, Harris has the world’s largest Venus flytrap, named Alien, which measures 2.4 inches. The average flytrap is only about 1.5 inches tall.

World’s largest sticker ball

You’ll find the world’s largest sticker ball in Longmont. It started with a few small, balled-up stickers. Within a few months, “Saul the Sticker Ball” grew to the record-holding weight of 231.6 pounds with a circumference of 8.8 feet.

Fastest downhill skateboarder

The fastest downhill skateboarder, Mischo Erban, set the record in 2010 on a secret county road in northern Colorado. He hit speeds of 80.83 mph, which would’ve been a hefty speeding ticket in a car.

The previous time was about 10 mph slower which clocked in at 70.21 mph.