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WINTER PARK, Colo. (KDVR) — A day on the slopes is always full of adventure.

Picking a day to ski should be the easy part, but right now it’s not for some IKON pass holders.

Many reached out to the FOX31 Problem Solvers complaining about IKON’s new reservation system for resorts like Winter Park. Weekend reservations are full until the last couple weekends in March.

“Right now there’s only two Sundays left,” explained Will Hector, an IKON Pass holder who spent $850 on a pass specifically because he can’t ski on weekdays and didn’t want to have to hassle with reservations.

Winter Park initially did not plan to use a reservation system, but the policy changed after many had purchased their IKON passes. Pass holders can defer their pass to next year, so long as they have not used any days.

However, many say it’s too late.

“I’m getting more angry as I go. I effectively can’t ski on Saturdays until the middle of March,” explained Ray French, who claims he logged onto the system the moment reservations at Winter Park were supposed to be available to IKON pass holders.

French says he’s now stuck with thousands of dollars in ski passes that he and his kids can’t use.

Marc Miller has a slope side condo that he says many no longer want to rent. He says visitors are canceling ski vacations after learning that weekends up until April are almost booked solid.

Many other resorts on the IKON don’t require reservations, but pass holders say they are also next to impossible to ski at on weekends.

“The problems started three or four weeks ago with Eldora because I couldn’t get a parking pass,” explained Miller.

Resorts like Eldora and Copper Mountain are requiring parking reservations, which means you can ski but can’t park.

“I don’t know why EPIC Pass can do it properly and people can get it but IKON can’t,” said Hector. “At this point $850 for just a few days of skiing seems a little outrageous.”

A spokesperson from Winter Park Ski Resort responded to our questions, providing FOX31 with this statement:

“It’s true that many weekends booked up when we first opened the system. We’re advising people to seriously consider week days if that’s an option for them and to check back frequently, even the day of. People ended up canceling last weekend and we had availability both Saturday and Sunday. Depending on our county and state guidelines and restrictions, we may be able to add more openings in the months ahead.

As for day tickets, we stopped selling them earlier this fall. We opened up a very limited number to those who had already booked lodging, but daily lift tickets are otherwise unavailable. Pass holders have friends and family passes associated with their passes and they can purchase those as long as the pass holder has a reservation.

The FOX31 Problem Solvers reached out to Alterra, which owns the IKON pass, multiple times via email, phone, and social media but no one from the company responded to our inquiries.