DENVER (KDVR) — A wedding photographer is hoping the power of local news and story shares can help her get back the photos she took of a couple’s wedding, which disappeared with her gear at Denver International Airport.

Amber Smith’s career is built on helping couples preserve their big moment.

She was capturing a wedding earlier this month and flew home on Southwest Airlines on Oct. 8.

“She’d planned her wedding for, like, two years, was so excited, is the sweetest person and then just has this happen,” Smith told FOX31.

Have you seen this wedding photo gear?

After leaving the plane on a layover in Denver, Smith realized her camera bag was still under her seat. However, after the de-planing finished, she learned it was gone.

“It’s the worst feeling,” Smith said. “I’m like, oh, there’s someone’s wedding that just disappeared, and it’s my fault. The bag was nowhere to be seen. They said no one had turned it in. It wasn’t in lost and found, anything. So it was just gone.”

Her wish is that someone was trying to help and has her camera bag with the memories of this couple’s big moment in the memory cards. 

“My hope is that they will at least return the photos,” Smith said. “Equipment can be replaced, but memories and the wedding day can’t.”

If you know where the bag is or can help, reach out to Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at 720-913-7867 (STOP).